A gentle embrace for final felling

As the average stem size grows, the Logset TH75 harvester head is your choice. The model is designed for a larger young growing forest and for final felling. The TH75 is a complete solution for heavy trunks. The harvester head frame is longer and more sturdy than the TH65 harvester head. The sturdy frame structure of the harvester head lasts from father to son.




Delimbing knives keep even large trees tenderly embraced throughout felling and feeding. Robust delimbing knives are optimized for average stem size. The fixed rear knife increases the delimbing quality.


The wear resistance of TH75 harvester head delimbing knives steel is in a class of its own. The minimum stem-to-frame contact reduces friction, ensuring low fuel consumption and a long lifetime for the components. 

Optimal Delimbing diameter
15-50 cm
Maximum felling-/cutting diameter
80 cm

feeding wheel safeguard

The feeding wheel safety guard is as a standard equipment to protect the harvester head from rocky ground, for example when lowered down. The feeding roller model is optional.

Length Measuring device

The length measuring device is firmly attached to the harvester head frame. Choose the measuring wheel model that suits your needs.

Reaction rod

The reaction rods in the feeder arms centres the woods inside the harvester head and ensures that the stem remains at the bottom of the harvester head even during a possible feeding reversal step.

delimbing knives

Robust delimbing knives are optimized for average stem size and them are lightly delimbing large, branched conifers for example.

rear delimbing knives pin

The sturdy housing structure connects both the fastening pins for the rear and front delimbing knives. The service life of the pins is long. The locking nut on the pin keeps the whole package together.


in a nutshell

tech specs

Width – head open1 700 mm (66.9″)
Width – head closed1 370 mm (53.9″)
Height to top knife1 500 mm (59.1″)
Height with rotator and link2 030 mm (79.9″)
Weight with rotator and link1 500 kg (3300 lbs)
Max. felling / cutting diameter800 mm (31.5″)
Saw bar900 mm (35.4″)
Saw unitSuperCut 100S
Saw motorParker/Bucher 
Saw chain tensioningAutomatic
Chain oil tank volume8 l (2.1 US gal)
Max pressure280 bar (4 061 PSI)
Flow required for optimal production200 l/min (52.8 US gal/min)
Valve blockCustomized valve block
Hydraulic motors – feeding arms680/820 cm³
Hydraulic motors – chassis315/400 cm³
Number of hydraulic motors4 pcs (2 pcs for TH75X)
Feeding speed, 300 l/min5,6/4,4 m/s (18.4/14.4 ft/s)
Max opening – feeding wheels740 mm (29.1″)
Max opening – upper knives780 mm (30.7″)
Max opening – rear knives840 mm (33.1″)
Delimbing diameter tip to tip550 mm (21.7″)
Number of static knives2 pcs
Number of movables knives4 pcs
Max tilt angle148º

Indexator AV12S, H122


Wheeled base18-22 t (39680 – 48500 lbs)
Tracked base19-24 t (41890 – 52910 lbs)

Contact your local dealer for more information about options.