Monday 11th  Dec. 2023

Logset is expanding its portfolio of digital solutions to be able to offer both improved efficiency as well as a reduced footprint in forestry.

The project is co-funded by EU and is run in collaboration with strategic partners. The result is a unique map software which takes further advantage of the machine’s information flow and provides the operator with a quick overview of tree species, timber quantities as well as locations. Darkness, shift work and snow are no longer of concern, as the driver can easily see the areas that already have been forwarded and plan and optimize the routes. As a result, the forest environment can be cared for in a more responsible way.

Logset’s current digital portfolio which includes machine positioning, production follow-up and machine monitoring, gets a powerful complement through the new map software and streamlines and supports the everyday life for our customers. The product is in line with StanForD 2010 and the launch happens during 2024.