Pascal Rety returns as Logset’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Long-time Logset man, Pascal Rety, returns to Logset as sales director. A total of 13 years of history in Logset sales will continue when Pascal starts developing Logset sales.
– I came from Sampo-Rosenlew’s agricultural sales. It was a rewarding and great adventure, I got to see the world outside the forest sector as well. However, the forest is my home, and it’s always good to come home, says Pascal.
– I finished my forestry and business education in Finland in 2007 (Tuomarniemi Forestry School in Ähtäri as a Forest product marketing engineer). Ever since I continued to acquire a very strong international business profile, with even the establishment of a Logset’ subsidiary in Canada for 2 years. Looking back, the forest industry has developed a lot. Machines’ productivity has increased, service care has made a big step forward and environment aspect are even stronger. By looking at Logset offering, it has it all. A full very modern product range including base machines, harvesting heads and computer system. Moreover, Logset has a solid advanced solution in electrification, we’ve sold hybrid harvesters since 2016. It has had such a development from the past years which aligns us to a great future, and I am very excited to continue the journey, highlights Pascal.

To a moving ship

Despite the challenging years, Logset has managed to keep the business growing nicely. Last years’ turnover reached an all-time records, and if the positive momentum can be maintained, the current year will also end with record figures.
– Of course, the increase is small, the availability of components and the drastic increase in costs play a significant part in this. But taking into account the challenging world situation, this is without a doubt a prevention victory, says CEO Kari Mikkilä.
– Pascal’s return is a great thing for us. Our sales organization will be significantly strengthened, and we will be able to focus better on the development of different market areas. Mikko Laurila, who handled Pascal’s duties, continues his good work in developing sales in his own sales areas.

The environment is a key factor

– We believe that environmental and energy issues will continue to keep up the demand for wood, even though the forecasts vary. There is no way we are going to slow down. Yes, the goal is continuous development, both in products and in the market, Pascal continues.
– There are only winners in environmental issues. A low-consumption machine saves both nature and costs. Everyone who works in the forest wants to protect the environment, there’s no doubt about that. Logset manufactures forest machines that produce the most cubes with the lowest consumption and emissions. We see a growing demand for our hybrid harvester on the market. In addition to the hybrid, the rest of our collection has been built with very low emissions from the start.






Monday 11th  Dec. 2023 Logset is expanding its portfolio of digital solutions to be able to offer both improved efficiency as well as a reduced footprint in forestry. The project is

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